Boy on Minsk's mural among top artworks on planet in 2015

Графіці з хлопчыкам у Мінску ўвайшло ў топ лепшых графіці свету за 2015 год

The mural on a residential building in Minsk's Bryleuski Street, depicting a boy in a blue T-shirt stretching his hand towards a little girl, entered the list of the best artworks in the world, according to the I Support Street Art movement. The mural is authored by the Italian street artist Millo (also known as Francesco Giorgino). Millo's boy can be also seen in various cities of the world, including in neighboring Vilnius and Bialystok, depicted in different situations.

“The most wonderfuil thing in my work is that everyone can see whatever he or she likes: to some, my giants are children, to others are alliens. This is as though some see buildings only and some see valleys," reflects the artist in an interview with Euroradio. "That's why I really wanted to express the idea of great love: a huge man cares about a little girl."

One day, Millo plans to return to Minsk - at least to show it around to his girlfriend if not to paint again.

"I really fell in love with Minsk. I liked the architecture, especially the old part of the city. I also enjoyed the food. But most importantly I was happy to see the golden autumn here," confesses the Italian street-art star.

The mural titled "Everywhere I go" was painted in Minsk in the framework of Urban Myths in October 2015. In this piece, Millo reminded about the problem of the cities where people move along the "home-work" route, live isolated lives, do not know the names of their neighbors and do not appreciate the urban space as the space they belong to.

This is the third mural of the Urban Myths, which ended up in the world's top rankings. The website Streetartnews describes as the best works in the world the mural "The Girl in Embroided Blouse" by Austrialian Guido van Helten and "The Man without a Face" by Greek artist Ino.