Blood donors in Mahiliou get respond from authorities about benefits


Blood donors in Mahiliou have received an official respond to their appeal to the parliament protesting the abolishment of social benefits. Igar Kavalenka, the honored blood donor of Belarus, told Belapan news agency that the appeal was forwarded to the Mahiliou city hall and responded by the deputy chief of the local city hall. "In conditions when humanism and mercy of blood donors are percieved by some citizens, it is doubtful that it is safe for sick people to use services of those "human and merciful people", the letter.

"In this letter, there is no single response to our demands. When I called the parliament, I was told that the city authorities could introduce some benefits or preferences to blood donors," Mr Kavalenka noted.

He also said that the striking blood donors were still expecting answers from the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Health. Their decisions will finally influence on the donors' move to begin an indefinite strike.

A warning strike of blood donors took place on June 20-27 across the nation when donors stoppped showing up at blood transfusion stations. The action aimed to protest against the abolishment of social benefits for blood donors under a new law on benefits to be enacted on December 17, 2007.