Berazhkou: Football is not a kind of sport, it is a social phenomenon

Impressed by the Belarusian football break-through, ERB has got interested why we are so successful in football now. It has happened regardless of the low financing as compared to hockey. ERB has discussed this issue with the editor-in-chief of “Pressball” Uladzimir Berazhkou on the eve of Belarus-England match. ERB: Why a football break-though suddenly occurred in our country where so much attention is paid to hokey and so much money is allocated for it? The BATE club has joined the Champions League and the national team is quite a success. How could it happen?

Uladzimir Berazhkou: You know, football is a social phenomenon; it is not a kind of sport. Football is played everywhere, in every yard of the world. It is a number one kind of sport in any country regardless of investments.

Furthermore, the good attitude to football also contributed to it. I think good steps where maid in the field of management, especially in BATE (Barysau). The long-term work of Anatol Kapski brought its results. If we had had more people like Kapski, we would have many clubs like BATE now.

The Football Federation is also making steps in the right direction. Many football grounds are being constructed now. Children’s football is developing. I would not say that investments in Belarusian football are low.

ERB: What about the today’s match? What could have helped our national team defeat England team?

Berazhkou: First of all, the game should have been organized competently. Dedication, enthusiasm and many other things are important. If they had played competently, if the coach had organized the tactic scheme and the players had fulfilled his demands we would have been able to expect better results. And we could count on Englishmen’s mistakes too.

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