Belarus's 'official' music stars side with banned KRAMA


The Belarus's Ministry of Culture Monday banned the rock-band KRAMA from staging the launch concert of their new album, citing "a low artistic level of the musicians". The European Radio for Belarus today called the Belarusian pop stars to find out about their attitude towards the artistic level of the legendary Belarusian band. Is KRAMA indeed worth being banned from playing a concert?

Mіhail Finberg was brief, saying that he could not say anything bad about the band.

Vasil Rainchyk likes KRAMA very much. He says he sees KRAMA as the most beuatiful band.

Ina Afanasieva is confident that KRAMA are true Belarusians:
“I always liked them. They are our first the most true Belarusians”.

Ms Afanasieva was very interested in the presentation of their new album: “I will come to the launch with pleasure”.

Aliaksandr Tsikhanovich believes that KRAMA is currently in the vanguard of the Belarusian rock music:

“Firstly, this is one of the first Belarusian bands that emerged on the post-Soviet space. They are a very extraordinary band”.

Anatol Jarmolenka
considers KRAMA the best rock band in Belarus. He is honored by a joint work with KRAMA's musicians (in 1996 KRAMA and Jarmolenka sang together The Homel Waltz.)

“This is one of the most interesting rock bands in Belarus. We also worked together. I even sang a song together with them. I think this is a very interesting and good team, i.e. in the vanguard of rock bands that can be counted with fingers. They are definitely in the top three list. The frontman Varashkevich is also a very capable and bright artiste in his genre. I appreciate him as a musician”.

Iryna Darafeeva
does respect KRAMA as musicians and professionals. She does not even hide that she has long been a fan of this band. In her view, the guys are good because they have not betrayed either themselves or their music.

“I can say that I really enjoy their professional and artistic level. As a fan, I like this band very much, because back in childhood I listened to them In Mahiliou at an open-air concert. Later, I listened to then at Rock Coronations.

Generally, I can say that they are geat guys, lasting for so long yet not betraying themselves. Not everyone is capable of that”.

The singer was very excited with the news about the launch of KRAMA's new album and is waiting for an invitation for the concert: “I would be very pleased to get there. I will look forward to an invitation”.

The European Radio for Belarus, too, is looking forward to the KRAMA's show and expresses gratitude to the modern time Belarusian music stars for their adequate stance to the band.

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