Belarus's banned musicians get out of underground


The youth wing of the Party of the Belarusian Popular Front plans to organize every two weeks the meetings with famous bands and singers that have been put by the Belarusian authorities on a black list, action organizer Franak Vyachorka told the European Radio for Belarus. "Instead of hiding in the underground and performing at private apartments -- the way the government wants it, we will come out to the most popular hang-out locations in the city so that people can listen to their favorite artistes and have a chat with them," he said.

The first meeting is planned for September 6 when Neuro Dubel frontman Alexander Kulinkovich will be available at 1800 at the park near the presidential residence. The musician will sing his songs, answer questions and give out his autographs.

According to Franak Vyachorka, if police decide to disrupt the event, the organizers will find an alternative busy location.