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Belarusians’ real income drops 1.2%


Belarusians’ real income in January – May, 2017 has decreased by 1.2% against the same period in 2016. Belstat has updated the statistics.

The real income is a very important index characterizing the state of the economy. For instance, the average wage has increased in Belarus since the beginning of the year. However, taking the inflation rate into account you can see that Belarusians can buy fewer goods and services with this money now. The real income is the income affected by the inflation rate.


Wages total 61.6% in the population income. Transfers (pensions, scholarships, etc.) total 24.7%. The income of business and other activities – 8.1%, the money made on property and others sources of income – 5.6%.

Belarusians’ real income has been decreasing this year, reports. It went down by 4.5% in January (compared to January 2016), 3.2% - in January and February, 2.2% - in January – April and by 1.2% - in January – May.

Belarusians’ real income decease was the biggest in 10 years in 2016.