Belarusian VIPs on vacations


Lidziya Yarmoshyna, blacklisted by the European Union, returned from vacations a few days ago. She spent some time... in the EU!

“But I did not violate the visa regime because my plane did not land in Vilnius!” Lidziya Yarmoshyna specified. “I spent half of my vacations at my mother’s in Babruisk. Then I went to my other home town – Kaliningrad and I also visited Svetlogorsk. It is a small seaside town not far from Kaliningrad.”


Lidziya Yarmoshyna in Egypt a few years ago.


Leader of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka had not been on summer vacations since 1995 and has managed to do it this year! He spent a week in Budapest!

Anatol Lyabedzka: “It was a splendid week! I visited Lake Balaton and wine cellars in local villages, I went to a hydrosulphuric sauna. I went there with my wife after a meeting in Vilnius.”

The trip was organized by the politician’s friends and he lived at their place.  

Leader of the party of the left fair World Syarhei Kalyakin also had short vacations. He did not leave the Belarus.


Syarhei Kalyakin: “I spent 10 days on vacations. But 10 days is not enough! I spent a few days at home, and few days at my mother’s, I visited Vitsebsk Province, went fishing there and it was time to go back to work!”


"One more person has agreed to primaries. 4 minutes of talking to Kalyakin was enough. It’s a pity that not everybody came to Vilnius,” Anatol Lyabedzka wrote under this picture on his page.

Singer Ina Afanasiyeva had a great time: she went to France and then to Egypt. She enthused over it:  

“It was simple – the rest, sea, beach, good water… It was very good for relaxing tension.”


She did not take any pictures in bikini – the singer does not trust amateur photographers.


Deputy head of the President’s Administration Andrei Tur is going on vacations in autumn. He would like to go to the seaside.


Andrei Tur: “I’d love to go to the seaside… But I have not decided where to go yet.”


If he goes to the seaside, he will bring his wife and daughter there. His daughter is 27 but family trips to the seaside are a tradition, he laughed. If no seaside trip is possible, he will go to some Belarusian sanatorium.

Leader of the Movement for Freedom Alyaksandr Milinkevich has not had vacations yet either.

Alyaksandr Milinkevich: “I am going to have a rest in August. We will go to Bershty (Shchuchyn District, Hrodna Province, – Euroradio’s note). It feels so life-enhancing there.”

He will go fishing and mushroom picking, invite guests. He will also take part in meetings of “the advertising campaign” suggested by part of the opposition of the People’s Referendum.


Photo: social networks