Belarus population reduced by 756 206 people during Lukashenka’s rule

July 10, 2018. The number of the day

759 206 people. The Belarusian population has reduced by this number since 1994 when Alyaksandr Lukashenka was elected the first ever President of Belarus.

The Belarusian population reached its historical peak at the beginning of 1994 – 10 million 243 thousand people. Lukashenka won the presidential election on July 10, 1994 and was inaugurated 10 days later. Ironically, a prolonged population decrease started in Belarus at that time.

10 million 210 thousand people lived in Belarus at the beginning of 1995. The country passed the psychological threshold of 10 million people in 2001 – the population reduced to 9 million 956 thousand people. It kept decreasing until the beginning of 2014 when the first small population growth since the middle of the 1990s was registered.


759 thousand 206 people is more than the population of Homiel or of any other two regional centres combined. It is 27 districts like Shklou District where Alyaksandr Lukashenka used to be the head of the collective farm “Haradzeyets”. Imagine 27 districts missing in Belarus…

It is amazing how the number 759 206 is mystically close to the number of people who voted for…Lukashenka's contender Zyanon Paznyak in 1994! He scored 757 thousand 195 votes.

Draw your own conclusions.