Prize money delayed for Belarus Paralympians


The Belarusian Paralympians who won 3 bronze medals in Sochi in March have not received their prize money so far. Biathlete Vasil Zhaptsyaboi and skier Yadviha Skarabahataya have not received the money despite their personal appeals to the President’s aide, head of the Belarusian Paralympic Committee Aleh Shepel said.

“At least five countries should participate in the final stage of the competitions for the prize money to be paid. We think that we do not correspond to this term. The President’s aide reported it to the President and we were asked to make suggestions.”

Paralympians should receive $75 thousand – Vasil Shaptsyaboi should get $50 thousand for two bronze medals and Yadviha Skarabahataya – $25 thousand for one bronze medal. The victories of handicapped athletes are twice less valuable than the victories of healthy sportsmen in Belarus. For instance, the winners of the Olympic and Paralympic Games got the same sums of prize money in Russia.

The paralympians have not received the money yet, the Ministry of Sport confirmed. But they will get it soon and they will even get more.

“The prize money has not been paid yet. The reason is simple. The corresponding documents are being checked in order to expand the list of people who will get the prize money. Some of the payments will be increased.”

While the paralympians are still waiting for their prize money, the Olympic sportsmen received it immediately. Darya Domracheva, Anton Kushnir, Ala Tsuper and Nadzeya Skardzina were awarded two days after Lukashenka’s order – the total sum was $800 thousand. The National Olympic Committee confirmed the fact.

“Search it on the website of the Olympic Committee. Information about the Belarusian Olympic medal winners’ awards can be found there. It was done according to the President’s order.”

However, it is still not clear why it takes so long to award paralympians. Besides, their victories ‘cost’ the state 10 times less than Domracheva, Tsuper, Kushnir and Skardzina’s victories.