Belarus Olympic team sports suits made by Lithuanians (PHOTO)


Belarus Olympic team used sports gears made by the Chinese company 361 degrees at the Olympic Games in 2012. However, more solid equipment has been prepared for the Winter Olympics-2014 (probably there was more money as the hockey team will not go to Sochi).

Bags and back packs were made by the Belarusian company Galanteya.

Warm winter boots, trainers and slippers were made by French SALOMON. One pair costs over $500.

Anoraks, Tolstoy blouses and suits were made for the Belarusian team by the Lithuanian company Audimas.

A light down-padded coat.

No green colour is used for the hood.

The Olympic cap has not changed since Nagano Olympics-1998.

A dress suit.

A skiing suit: to avoid freezing.

An Olympic shirt. Every sportsman will get four.

A sweater and a Tolstoy blouse.

2012 dress suits were made in the National Fashion Centre. The tailoring shop Line A is making them now (they also make clothes for Alyaksandr Lukashenka). Grey- cornflower blue dress suits will be officially demonstrated tomorrow.