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Belarusian skier Siarhei Dalidovich to get Sochi Olympics medal


Belarusian skier Siarhei Dalidovich will receive a 2014 Sochi Olympics medal after two Russian athletes Alexander Legkov and Maksim Vylezhagin - the gold and silver winners respectively - are disqualified by the International Olympic Committee for doping three years after the Games. Initially, only Legkov was disqualified leading Vylezhagin to end up with the gold. On 9 November, news broke he would be stripped of the medal as well. Belarus' Dalidovich who finished 5th in the marathon in Sochi has now moved up to the third place.

Siarhei Dalidovich does not rule out that he will put his bronze medal for auction. He learned earlier he would receive no bonus for the medal from Belarusian state.