Belarusian nuclear power plant to cost $11 billion

Photo: Fotolia

The construction of Belarusian nuclear power plant (NPP) in Astraviec will cost $11 billion, the station's CEO Mikhail Filimonau said. He reminded that under the intergovernmental agreement signed by Belarus and Russia, the Russian side allocates up to $10 billion for the construction - 90% of the required amount. Belarus will contribute $1 billion from its own budget. According to Filimonau, around 30% of the Russian loan has been used as of today, reports BELTA.

In June 2011, Lukashenka said the construction of the nuclear power station would cost $7 billion. In August 2017, Deputy Energy Minister Mikhail Mikhadziuk said almost $2.7 billion had already been invested into the project.

Block No1 of the nuclear power plant will be commissioned in 2019. The second reactor will be completed in 2020.