Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Decisions taken in Moscow are illegitimate

Belarus has claimed that the decisions taken at the CSTO summit in Moscow are illegitimate. The absence of our country at the meeting in Moscow has been ignored and CSTO documents have been signed without its participation.
The refusal of Belarus to take part in the Moscow session of the CSTO is not a whim nor a desire to destroy the Organization as some people may wish it to look like. The press secretary of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Andrei Papou has claimed it.

Mr. Papou considers Russia’s actions to be an attempt to ignore a principal position of a CSTO member-state and to ignore the main rule of the Organization – a consensus needed to take all decisions. According to it, the opinion of all member-states of the organization in the field of security should be taken into account.

Let us remind you that the official Minsk has refused to take part in the CSTO summit in connection with “the milk war” between Belarus and Russia.