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Belarus government orders to launch own 'Voice' or 'X-factor' TV shows


A task to create a national musical project similar to the popular "Voice” or “X-factor” shows has been set by the government of Belarus.  The implementation of the task will be carried out by the Ministry of Culture and State TV and Radio Company. Speaking at the meeting at the Ministry of Culture, Deputy Prime Minister Ihar Pyatryshenka expressed concern about the lack of demand for Belarusian young talents. Mr Pyatryshenka suggested that more attention be paid to the new formats of music competitions, new ways of promoting talents, Belarus Today reports.

Among other things, there were discussed changes in the Youth Variety Theater. It can become a center for talented young people.

"Voice" is the format of The Voice television vocal contests, invented by Dutch producer "John" de Mol on Dutch TV in 2010. Later, shows of the same format appeared in franchises in other countries, including Ukraine and Russia.

"X-Factor" is a British talent music show, created by producer Simon Cowell in 2004. The franchise was bought by more than 40 countries, including Ukraine.

Belarusian musicians often participate in these TV shows in neighboring Ukraine, Latvia or Russia.

The Belarusian singer Kattie won X-Factor in Latvia in 2018.

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