Belarusian goods still sold in Ukrainian online stores

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The information campaign "DO NOT sponsor murder" designed to boycott Russian and Belarusian services and products was launched by Ukraine's state authorities in March 2022. In July, goods made in Belarus are still on sale in Ukraine: at least they can be purchased at online stores.

Household stoves

Household stoves made in Belarus can be bought with delivery or self-delivery. On average, gasoline and electric stoves CEZARIS made by Homiel "Elektroapparatura" will cost $290.

Белорусскую плиту? Пожалуйста /


Refrigerators from the Belarusian company ATLANT are also available in the Ukrainian online store. You pay 600-800 dollars, and they are yours.

Были бы деньги, а холодильники белорусские найдутся /

Belarusian oil for Nissan

Ukrainian online store offers motor oil for Nissan, Toyota and other cars. The website says some oils are made in Belarus.

5 литров моторного масла за 38 долларов /

All for construction

If you're starting a construction project, here are "Vitebskiy" bricks from Belarus for 16 hryvnia a piece, but the order starts from 300 pieces.

A wood sawing machine will also come in handy at the construction site, so in related products you can find one made by the Belarusian factory Belmash. Pay 680 US dollars and take it.

There is also a Belarusian slate for 360 hryvnias.

Or maybe you need tires from Bobruisk Belshina? No problem, they are $70 each.

Women's Department

For moisturizing, strengthening and growing hair, you can purchase balm from the Belarusian company Modum sold at the Ukrainian online store. Also widely represented is the line of Belarusian cosmetics from Bio World.

Bellakt porridge is also on sale. The ad we came across says that they are already in low supply at the seller's.

Ukrainian online stores even sell dresses from Belarus.

Bed sheets from the Belarusian manufacturers are also available there.

Still, goods made in Belarus do regularly disappear from Ukrainian online stores. Quite a few products from Belarus are already not available there. But for the time being, there is no strict ban on trade between the countries.

The Russian Federation, against which the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers approved a complete trade embargo as an aggressor country, is another matter. "At the same time, another issue remains open: the import of goods originating from the Russian Federation and not included in the list of Decree No. 1147 from the customs territory of other states (for example, the Republic of Belarus) into the territory of Ukraine. Formally, such actions are not prohibited and, thus, can be used by Russian suppliers and their Ukrainian counterparties to bypass the bans established by the Government on imports from the Russian Federation," Ukrainian experts emphasize.

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