Belarusians to face possible denial of entry to Russia due to unpaid fine

Belarusian citizen was unexpectedly denied entry to Russia for an unpaid fine: two years ago, somewhere near Bryansk, he was stopped for not wearing a seatbelt. This time the man was detained while returning by plane from Egypt via Moscow. They wanted to deport the poor guy back to Egypt. Eventually, it was agreed to deport him to Minsk by plane. 

Euroradio earlier reported  that there is a list of undesirable persons of the Union State. But apart from that, each country has its own list. Our list includes Russians. For example, human rights activist Andrei Yurov. As it turned out, Belarusians can make it to the Russia's list even for an unpaid fine.  

"It could be a valid reason," Border Service of Russia confirmed to Euroradio. "If there is a court decision regarding a foreign citizen to ban them form entering the Russian Federation, they will not be allowed in the country."

It turns out that there is no border between the two countries, the Union State is allegedly there, and it even has joint "black lists". But each country also has its own list of persona non grata. 

As Euroradio has found out, technically, Russians can get into the Belarusian list for an unpaid fine. But for this they will first be searched by the court, and then the court can initiate adding them to the list. However, under the law this person must be notified of it. But there have been several cases where undesired Russians learned about their status when they were deported. 

Posing as a Russian in one of the departments for Citizenship and Migration,  I asked if I would have problems with unpaid fines. Could I get blacklisted for it? 

"In fact, it is unlikely. I never heard of it. It's the first time this question is asked.

The Belarusian citizen was deported and banned from entering the territory of Russia for two years. Euroradio asked the Russian border guards how to pay a fine if you cannot get into the country, to what they said it is not necessary to go there, but they have no idea how to pay. 

Belarusian border guards do not know how our "black list" is drawn, since they only use it.