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Belarus, Russia to sign protocol on information exchange about travel-ban lists


The Belarus government has agreed with the proposal from Interior Minstry coordinated with Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Justice about the signing of a protocol between Belarusian Interior Ministry and Russia's Federal Migration Service on the procedures of information exchange about citizens in the two countries which are restricted from foreign travel. The resoluton was published  on April 9 on the National Legal Documents Internet Portal.

The protocol will be signed as a follow-up to the agreement on this subject, passed by the Supreme State Council of the Union State on March 3, 2015.

The document sets out procedures how to exchange information about citizens of Belarus and Russia who are not allowed to leave their countries in order to prevent them from getting into third countries.  

A person can be refused to leave the country his or her data are stored in the automated databases in possession of the protocol signatory member states.  

Russia's Federal Migration Service and Belarus' Interor Ministry are the competent agencies to implement the agreement.