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Belarus lost $1 billion over EU-Russia sanctions row - Makei


Due to the sanctions and counter-sanctions between the EU and Russia, Belarus has lost $1 billion, said Minister of Foreign Affairs of Belarus Uladzimir Makei on Friday, 8 April.

"Belarus was said to have gained from it but we have gained nothing. It has only harmed us," quoted the Minister as saying. Makei stressed that our country is not in favor of sanctions in relations between the two countries. According to him, Russia is the main strategic partner of Belarus, but Minsk could be in good relations with the EU as well. And it will not hurt the Belarus-Russia relations, said Makei.

The Foreign Minister explained how Russia got Belarusian kiwi and peaches. It turns out that there is a certain agreement, under which goods can be delivered to Russia after being processed in Belarus.

The EU, the US and several other countries imposed sanctions against Russia in 2014, after the Russians occupied Crimea. In response to this, Moscow introduced counter-sanctions (food embargo).