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Belarus: Independent editor detained as suspect in criminal case

Nasha Niva's Editor-in-Chief Yahor Martynovich / Nasha Niva​

Editor-in-chief of the independent news outlet Nasha Niva Yahor Martynovich was detained for three days as a suspect in a criminal case, his wife Adarya Hushtyn wrote on Facebook. 

Euroradio reported earlier today that Martynovich's apartment was searched by agents from Interior Ministry's Internal Security Directorate.

"Law students could be brought to our apartment to show how an exemplary search should be conducted. The search was carried out by Interior Ministry's Internal Security Directorate operatives. We made sure that our neighbors acted as witnesses and that a lawyer is present during the search. We also made sure that every room was inspected separately and that everything was properly recorded in the protocol. Yahor ate and washed. He is dressed and has all the necessary items. Yahor is well prepared, his lawyer will be present at the interrogation at the Investigative Committee, " Hushtyn said. 

Martynovich was detained as a suspect in a criminal case on slander under Article 188 in the Penal Code. The case was opened in connection with the article in Nasha Niva, in which one of the 'DJs of Changes' Sakalouski said Deputy Interior Minister Barsukou had allegedly visited him in a cell during his arrest. 

A couple of weeks ago, Sakalouski fled to Lithuania seeking refuge shortly after his release from detention.

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