Belarus exported furniture worth 100 million euros to EU this year

Belarus exports furniture to the EU / Eurabdyeu

Belarus exports furniture to the EU / Eurabdyeu / Еўрарадыё

In half a year of 2023, Belarus imported furniture to the EU for more than 97 million euros, reports DW.

Furniture production has not fallen under the EU sanctions - unlike the woodworking industry. As a result, Der Spiegel writes, furniture has become one of the most important non-sanctioned Belarusian goods supplied to Europe.

Poland and Germany are the main receivers of Belarusian furniture. They are followed by the Netherlands, Lithuania, Romania, Estonia, Latvia and France.

In addition to furniture, Belarus has increased imports of cellulose eight times, and paper - 1.3 times.

German journalists could not find out which European companies continue to buy Belarusian furniture. Large manufacturers such as Porta and Bega did not respond to Der Spiegel's inquiries. The company Roller and the British furniture chain ScS said that they "no longer have" suppliers from Belarus.

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