Battle of Orsha? Is that the one with Suvorov? (video)


“Have you come to embarrass us?” a bearded man replied to our question about the events dating back to 500 years ago. His friends were more talkative but hardly knew anything about the battle – they even mentioned Suvorov. I did not even ask them about Konstanty Ostrogski.

Two guys eating ice cream had to know more – they graduated from school not long ago. But we hoped in vain. They asked whether it was a battle of the Great Patriotic War. It was a bit earlier, we replied.

Several other people did not know about the Battle of Orsha either. The best thing they could say is that it was ‘long ago’ and that ‘Lithuanians and Poles fought against Moscow’ and ‘the GDL army probably won’. Only one person could recall all the truth about the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Orsha.