Memory of War

Prosecutor General Andrei Shved / BELTA

Such plans were announced by prosecutor general Andrei Shved.

A village was burned down, but there were no dead residents and no destroyed houses / Euroradio​

"It is not about going deep or finding the historical truth."

Russian Ministry of Culture in Moscow / TASS

Russia plans to organize several events in Belarus to mark 75 years since victory in World War II.

Aron Bielski, one of the Bielski brothers, who were the prototypes in The Defiance movie attends the screeing in Minsk.

Photo: BELTA

Festivities are taking place across the country to celebrate the victory in World War II.

A collective prayer by the group of Jewish priests in Belarus is under threat over visa issues.

3.3 thousand veterans died last year.

The Main Kampf's new edition was instantly sold out in Germany's bookstores.

An exhibition dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the WWII is open in the KGB building.