Autistic children’s theatre ‘i’ performs in Minsk (PHOTO)

Photo: Euroradio

The performance Once Upon a Time in a Big City was shown at Minsk Trade Union House on May 28. It was staged by the family inclusive theatre ‘i’. Normal and autistic children played their parts together. However, you could not notice it: everyone was absorbed in their part and outsiders could never guess that this performance has a secret.

The house is full. The family inclusive theatre ‘i’ headed by Iryna Pushkarova is well-known and loved in Minsk. The performance Once Upon a Time in a Big City is after Dostoyevski’s THE BEGGAR BOY AT CHRIST'S CHRISTMAS TREe. It was translated into Belarusian by Kastus’ (one of the actors) mother –Vera Zhybul. Natallya Arsenneva’s verses and a song to Kazimir Svayak’s verse can be heard in the performance. Vera and other parents also take part in it. Vera plays the part of Virgin Mary and her younger son Eric is making his debut as Baby Jesus.  

The plot is about a little boy whose parents died before Christmas and who is alone in a big city without any chance of being treated with kindness. A miracle happens – the boy finds himself at Christ’s Christmas Tree and gets a hope for a better future for his soul.

3D still, actors’ costumes, interesting choreography, singing and children’s’ play create together a beautiful performance demonstrating that indifference is easy while kindness and love are difficult but they still win.

The performance will be shown in Minsk and regional cities in autumn.

With stage director Iryna Pushkarova
Behind the scenes
The youngest actor – little Eric with his father Victar Zhybul