Author of District Chronicles Ruslan Mirzoyeu imprisoned for 12 months

Ruslan Mirzoyeu’s sentence was pronounced on Friday, December 13. He was imprisoned for one year for violating the house penal labour regime.

Mirzoyeu will stay in the detention centre by the New Year’s Day and will be sent to Shklou colony afterwards.

Mirzoyeu did not lodge any complaints during the trial. He only told his relatives that “17 out of 18 his cellmates were smokers”.

Ruslan Mirzoyeu’s problems started when his documentaries MAZ Chronicles and District Chronicles were out. The man revealed the drawbacks of the modern Belarusian industry and demonstrated the life of the lower classes in his films. Mirzoyeu was jailed for 15 days for petty hooliganism (swearing in a cinema house). The criminal case for violations of the house penal labour regime was started later.

Mirzoyeu used less bad language, discussed philosophical topics and promoted a healthy lifestyle in his recent films.

Ruslan was busy shooting a new anti-drug film in the last few days before his imprisonment.