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Antique books found in paper recycling container in Minsk


An unusual find has been noticed by specialists of the recycling company Belgips Eka. The company owns numerous paper recycling containers installed in Minsk.

Rare folios have been found, reports. The oldest book is Franciscum Przyłęcki’s COMPENDIUM THEOLOGIAE MORALIS. The book was printed in Vilnius in 1765. It is a theology textbook in Latin. The book is an example of Bealsrauin and Western European religious culture of the 18th century.


The Psalter published in Kiev in 1888, the first volume of Pamyalouski’s Works (1909) and A Collection of M.V Gogol’s Works (1921) were also found in the container.


The valuable books will be presented to the National Library on September 15. The festive ceremony will start at 11.30 a.m.