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Andrei Bialyauski’s "cartridge case” sent to court


Minsk's Leninski District Court has received the criminal case of artist and designer Andrei Bialyauski, the human rights website Viasna reports. He is accused of storing ammunition - the offence punished by up to seven years in prison and the confiscation of property.

Andrei Bialyauski was detained as a suspect in the so-called 'White Legion case' on March 21. During the search in his apartment, agents was found a live cartrige. As the artist explained later, it was a souvenir. 

Just like all other people detained in connection with the 'White Legion case', the young man was accused of preparing a mass riot and setting up an illegal armed unit. However, Byalyauski was released on recognizance on June 2 and the case was eventually closed. 

The ammunition storing charges have resulted in a new case against Bialyauski. The artist asked to recognize his act as not threatening the public order and thus legally insignificant. However, his appeal was rejected. 

Bialyauski may be recognized as a political prisoner if he is punished for storing that cartridge, rights defenders from the Viasna said. 'The cartridge case' should have been closed because it is part of the already closed 'White Legion case, Viasna stressed.

The date of the hearing has not been appointed yet.