Administration of BNF loses control of party website


Information about the BNF party getting ready to register a new domain name for its website has appeared on the Internet.
Leaders of the party cannot administer the current website because they do not have passwords needed to do it.  The head of the party Alyaksei Yanukevich has informed ERB about it:

Yanukevich: “At the moment we do not know who has the main administrator’s passwords for the website. Previous administrators say that they do not have them and have never had. At the same time somebody visits the website using the passwords and controls access levels”.

According to Yanukevich, the website was created in 2002. However, it is impossible to find out who was charged with its administration even if you study party documents.

The party leader says that Franak Vyachorka could help them in this issue but he is in the army and the party administration has not managed to contact him yet.