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3 bus passengers accidentally among detainees - rights defender

Photo: Artsiom Martynovich

Human rights defenders promise the full list of the people detained after yesterday's street rally in Minsk will appear on the website of the Viasna Human Rights Center shortly. 

The detainees will stand trials in Minsk's Central and Pershamayski District Courts. The detentions took place after the authorized demonstration - men in plain clothes dragged the protesters our of the trolley- bus. 

Most of the detainees were taken to Central District Police Department, including three passengers not related to the protest that were let go one hour after detention. The law enforcement authoirities did not reveal any details on the number of the detainees at Pershamayski District Police Station. 

"Anarchists face several charges - firstly, violation of the law on mass events (Article 23.34 in Administrative Code) for hiding their faces under masks. Besides, almost everyone is charged with the "disobedience to the police" (Article 23.4). With the combined charges, they may face up to 25 days in jail," human rights defender Nasta Loyka commented to Euroradio. "I know there were four girls at the Central District Police STation and I know they were quite heavily beaten. At Pershamayski District Police Department, I know about three girls but obviously there are more of the detainees there."