18:26 Housing prices in Minsk overtake Europe

The average cost of the square meter of the housing in the Belarusian capital has gone $165 up since early 2007.

Before the New Year, a standard one-bedroom flat with 35 sq.m. would cost $42,500.

Today, sellers ask for over $48,000 for very modest apartments in the housing projects at the outskirts or in the unattractive houses.

A majority of the one-bedroom flats on offer have the price of $1600-1800 per sq.m, amounting to an average of $55,000 which exceeds even the European costs.

For example, a two-bedroom flat with 55 sq.m. in Berlin, 15 minutes off the city center to drive, costs 50,000 euros, reports Komsomolskaya Pravda v Belarusi