17:58 Ukrainian tries to smuggle 450 kg of honey into Belarus


The Ukrainian State Customs Service has informed about two prevented attempts of smuggling goods into Belarus.
A cart containing 450 kg of honey was detained 10 meters from the Belarusian border on April 19. A 54-year-old inhabitant of Charnihau Region was trying to transport the honey to Homel Region.

One more incident took place near the village of Kartselisy (Volynskaya Region) on April 17. It is close to Brest Region. Customs officers noticed two “UAZ”’s heading towards Belarus.

One of the cars managed to cross the border but the driver of the other one left the car and escaped. Local inhabitants tried to steal the goods from the abandoned car while the investigation was in process.

Customs officers prevented it and detained two peasants who had been extremely active.