17:15 Authorities do not allow Day of Will celebration at Kastrychnitskaya Square

Minsk authorities have not allowed the celebration of the Day of Will at Kastrychnitskaya Square. One of the action’s organizers, Alyaksandr Mіlіnkevіch (the leader of the united democratic forces), has informed about it. According to him, Minsk City Executive Committee proposed them to march from the Academy of Sciences to Bangalor Square and organize their meeting there.  In Mіlіnkevіch’s opinion such a decision of the authorities violates citizens’ rights and contradicts the Constitution.

The politician added that the authorities’ proposition will be discussed at the meeting of the organizers of the celebration of the Day of Will.

”We are going to discuss various outcomes because anyway people will gather at Kastrychnitskaya Square. And then everything will depend on the actions of the police and theauthorities”, - noted Mіlіnkevіch.