14:08 Meetings with creative elite take place in Maladzecna, Viliejka

Writers and journalists from the independent newspapers on Saturday held meetings with the residents of the towns of Maladzecna and Viliejka. The residents of Maladzecna had an opportunity to meet with the editor-in-chief and the chief editor of the Nasha Niva newspaper Andrej Skurko and Andrej Dynko and Valerka Bulhakau from ARCHE magazine.

Meanwhile in Viliejka, writers Barys Piatrovic, Ales Paskevic and Uladzimir Niaklajeu, who edit Dzejaslou magazine, spoke at the local cultural museum.

The guests told the audience about the conditions in which the independent press had to operate. Besides, there were many questions bout the new books, presented by the Nasha Niva newspaper in the framework of the Nasha Niva's Bookstore series.

Valery Bulhakau also displayed the works by Yury Turonak, Jan Stankievic and others published by ARCHE. Barys Piatrovic also presented the project titiled The Library of Dzejaslou Magazine.