Zmitser Dashkevich gets a new $600 fine


Minsk's Persamajski District Court has fined Zmitser Dashkevich 1150 roubles (almost 600 dollars). The leader of the Young Front (registered in the Czech Republic) has been returned guilty of disobedience to the police.


He was detained near his house at 11.30 p.m. on December 31, Dashkevich said. He and his adherents had been planning to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the centre of Minsk. They wanted to bring white-red-white flags there.

Policemen Maximau and Panasenka witnessed against him in court. The hearing was held in Dashkevich’s absence. He refused to follow them to Minsk Pershamaiski District Department of the Interior, they said. “He took a firm stand and sat down on the ground,” they explained.

Dashkevich called it a lie and uploaded his own video of the detention to give proofs.