Youth activists present buckets and shovels to opposition leaders


Youth activists have presented buckets and shovels to organizers of “The European March”. It happened during a press conference dedicated to the action’s results. Youth activists claimed that they were not satisfied with the organization of the Social March and with the fact that opposition leaders agreed on the itinerary imposed by the authorities.

"We are presenting you this symbolic gift – shovels and buckets so that you could clean the place where you walk your dogs”, - claimed one of the young people. However, he did not introduce himself.

Let us remind you that representatives of a number of unregistered youth organizations “Initiative”, “Third Way”, “Eye”, “View”, “Air-dot-net” and “Young Democrats” (youth affiliate of the united civil party) claimed that “the steering committee of the march showed its fear and conformism having agreed on the authorities’ humiliating suggestion to conduct the European March from the Academy of Sciences till Banhalor Square and thus betrayed the people whose interests in was supposed to protect”.