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White Legion detainee Jan Mikhalkou released


Jan Mikhalkou, a suspect in the White Legion criminal case was released from KGB's pretrial detention center on April 29. He was detained on March 21 in connection with the criminal case 'on preparing mass unrest." Three days later, on March 24, KGB also detained his father Mikalai Mikhalkou. Initially, they were held in a KGB jail charged with preparations for a mass riot under Article 293 (3) in the Penal Code of Belarus. Later, they were transfered to another jail.

Mikhalkou Sr and Jr are among the three defendants who were not presented with additional charges in connection with the illegal armed group.

18 people remain behind bars on charges of "preparing mass unrest (Article 293 (3)), including 16 in connection with the case opened under Article 287 in the Penal Code, reports the human rights center Viasna.