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Warsaw spends 3 times more than Minsk on stray animals


Minsk Housing Service offers 400 thousand dollars for "for capture and destruction of rabid and stray dogs and cats."

This application is found on the public procurement website. This is money allocated for homeless animals each year.

"One hour of the trapping crew costs 590,000 rubles," said representative of the Minsk Housing Service. Two people work in each crew.

But what is more expensive capture and destruction or upkeep, asked the "City Fauna", the company, which is engaged directly in catching and keeping the animals.

"First of all - it's catching. The crews work on schedule: twice a month in each HMS. Plus, they work on call. In addition, we accept animals from the population and keep them," said the "City Fauna" representative.

They said the largest expenditure was fuel for transportation and feed for animals. Each day we spend 41 thousand roubles on a dog and 7 thousand on a cat. They do not shoot the animals in Minsk. They can get "immobilized" when being caught, and they are put to sleep before being euthanized.


107 dogs and 22 cats were euthanized. People saved the rest.


In 2014 in Minsk 4,000 stray animals were caught. Owners gave up another 1,000 of cats and 700 dogs. Of them 129 animals were euthanized. Others were taken by the people.

Warsaw officials allocate three million dollars for stray animals. The animals are not euthanized, unless they are mad and are not a hazard. They are kept. Money goes to the capture, upkeep, food and... microchips. In Warsaw, dogs have to have chips not to be considered a stray animal.

Pet catcher in Warsaw (

The captured animal gets a microchip, and then it is kept in the facility. Warsaw authorities do not collect tax on dogs or cats. Minsk authorities, however, do collect 3.7 billion rubles, as it was last year. This year, they want to collect 4.3 billion. Last year, the money went to the construction of the hotel for animals.