Viktar Tsyareshchanka claims to have collected 105 thousand signatures

The new number of collected signatures was announced on Belarus-1.

Victar Tsyareshchanka claimed to have collected 1-5 thousand signatures. It makes him the second contender to have collected the necessary number of signatures to become a candidate. Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s initiative group reported to have collected 500 thousand signatures a few days ago.

Leader of the Liberal-Democratic Party Syarhei Haidukevich is in the third place with 87 thousand signatures.

Tatstsyana Karatkevich’s group has collected 75 thousands and Mikalai Ulahovich’s – 72 thousands.

Leader of the Belarusian party of the left Fair World Syarhei Kalyakin reported 54 thousand signatures and leader of the United Civil Party Anatol Lyabedzka – 42 thousand.

Photo: BelaPAN