Vice Prime Minster suffers from newly-implemented system of “cheap state” in Poland


According to a declaration of the new Polish Prime Minister Tusk, a programme of “a cheap state” has come into power. In particular, state officials including ministers are devoid of limousines and a great number of body-guards that were very common during the rule of Kachinki’s government. However, the changes have been implemented very quickly which led to some incidents. For example, the vice Prime Minister Valdemar Paulyak was not allowed to park at the radio station’s parking lot when he arrived there to give an interview.

Pauluyak was invited to take part in the morning programme. “Gazeta Wyborcha” reports that security guards were used to officials arriving in expensive limousines with a great number of body-guards.

The vice Prime Minister Paulyak arrived alone so he was not allowed to park.