Valiancina Alinevich: This is sadism committed by state

Валянціна Аліневіч: Гэта садызм у дзяржаўнай форме

"It has started in mid May, not today. They called me to the office and said they didn't like my active position with regard to my son. The suggested I should review it - and they will let me work furthermore. If I don't, I will be fired," Valiancina Alinevich says in a comment to Euroradio.

Valiancina wrote on her Facebook page in the morning on June 28 that the Belarusian State Economic University did not prolong the employment contract with her. She worked at the department of economics. Valiancina says that all negotiations with her were held through her direct boss, but she is convinced that this was the initiative from the above.

Ihar Alinevich's mother thinks that the authorities put pressure on the political prisoners' relatives on purpose. "This is sadism committed by the state," she says. According to her, if they just wanted to fire her they could have done it much more politely.

Valiancina Alinevich: "I am an elderly woman, I receive pension. If they simply didn't renew the employment contract, it would have been unpleasant. Everyone would understand what stood behind it. However, it would have been more correct."

Valiancina Alinevich has no precise plan for the future. She wants to take a rest for a while.

Valiancina's son Ihar Alinevich was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment in a reinforced-security colony on May 27, 2011. He is serving punishment in the penal colony in Navapolatsk. Ihar Alinevich was accused of organization of the rally at the Ministry of Defense building, attack on the casino "Shangri-La" and the detention center in the Akrestsina Street. Recently, Ihar Alinevich published a book "Going to Magadan", in which he describes his life behind the bars.

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