Ukrainian company to Belarusians: Supplies postponed due to revolution


Employee of Mahilyou tool plant Syarhei Laputsin has reported it on Facebook. The Ukrainian company sent them a letter explaining that both sides could be exempt from responsibility in emergency situations. Strikes, warfare and revolutions are emergency situations too.

"Our organization will not be able to supply products to your plant because our employees are taking part in the revolution in our country. We are hoping for your understanding and further cooperation,” the letter says.

Syarhei Laputsin confirmed the information to Euroradio. The Ukrainian partners did not supply components to Mahilyou on time, he said. However, the plant understands the issue and is not going to file any claims:

Laputsin: “We understand it… We are watching the situation too! We aren’t going to sue them for it. We understand it. Furthermore, we have been cooperating with them for many years.”