Ukraine - EU

Viktor Orban / AP

Viktor Orban / AP / АР

He believes that Belarus "may still have one or two color revolutions".

The March of Unsubdued (people who lost relatives in Maidan and in Donets Basin) will also be organized.

Ukrainians have marked the day of their national costume and Belarusians put on their embroidery shirts to express solidarity.

Ukraine has fulfilled all the requirements for it, the European Commission thinks.

In the future, Belarusian goods may not get to Ukraine due to EU technical requirements.

Vitali Klitschko beats Borislav Bereza in Kyiv's local election run-off.

The actor ‘poses a threat to the national security’.

The Ukrainian President announced it in an interview with the French TV channel iTele.

All the 28 EU members state need to support the visa free regime with Ukraine for it.