Trial of human rights activist Alena Tankachova to resume on January 12


Pershamaiski court of Minsk is holding the trial of human rights activist Alena Tankachova who is appealing her expulsion from Belarus. At the January 8 and 9 sessions, judge Natallia Petukh was unable to rule on the case, so the process will continue on January 12, BelaPAN reports.

At the session of January 9, lawyer Iryna Radzkova  stated that the internal affairs bodies interpreted the legislation too bluntly and applied it incorrectly. According to the lawyer, the foreign citizen (and Tankachova has a Russian citizenship) may be expelled from Belarus in the interests of national security, public order, protection of morality, health, rights and freedoms of citizens of Belarus and others. Since a traffic violation is not included in the list of causes for expulsion of aliens, the decision to expel Tankachova could not be considered lawful said Radzkova.

Also, the court heard today a representative of Pershamaiski district of the city inspection and questioned a road policeman.

Speaking to reporters after the meeting, Tankachova noted that the court is carefully and thoroughly studying the case. But the main question is how the court will interpret the collected materials and evidence.

On November 5, the Pershamaiski district of Minsk ordered the head of the Center for Legal Transformation Alena Tankachova to leave Belarus within a month. She was not allowed to visit the country in the next three years. Tonkacheva is currently appealing this decision.