Alena Tankachova

The Belarusian human rights activists have exhausted all national remedies trying to cancel the court's ruling to deport Tonkacheva to Russia.

The West could leave visa sanctions in place but also provide new loans.

The human rights activist believes that the court is carefully and thoroughly examining the case.

The witnesses did not have enough time to speak on Thursday.

The hearing of human rights lawyer Elena Tonkacheva's expulsion case was adjourned till Friday as there was not enough time to hear all the witnesses.

Human rights lawyer Elena Tonkacheva will be able to remain in Belarus until her complaint with the Minsk police is considered.

Prominent human rights lawyer Elena Tonkacheva must leave Belarus within one month from today, under the resolution of police authorities in Minsk.

The human rights defender is about to be deported from Belarus.

She is a Russian citizen but has lived in Belarus for about 30 years. Her daughter was born and lives in Belarus.