3-year entry ban fo rights defender Elena Tonkacheva in Belarus


Chairwoman of the Center for Legal Transformation, a citizen of Russia, she has had her residence in Belarus revoked. The named cause was administrative offenses -- exceeding speed limits while driving. 

As reported by Euroradio, 40-50 people came to the building of the police department to support Tankachova. She provided a number of documents, including the 7,000 signatures of people opposed to her expulsion from Belarus. However, she was told that the signatures had not been properly documented (this was done on the internet) and was asked to collect them again. Later, the people began to sign in support Tankachova.

Incidentally, the police copied passport data of those present, who had a camera. A Belsat cameraman was asked to leave the area in front of the police station.

Photo - BelaPAN