Tell the Truth says ready for presidential elections

The campaign has in mind the social programs and initiatives that Tell the Truth have been conducting for four years in a number of cities in Belarus: Brest, Vitsebsk, Orsha, Magileu, Slutsk,  Mikashevichy and other cities. Depending on the needs of the regions, they were gathering of signatures, addresses to the executive power structures and other initiatives, which campaigners helped the local population to organize. This work aims to address pressing domestic issues and problems - road repair, preservation of social facilities, creation of local infrastructure and so on. 

According to the commentary of one of the campaign leaders Andrei Dzmitrieu, given to Radio Liberty, the presentation of Regional Projects is the result of four years of work of Tell the Truth in two ways: changes in place and changes in the country. They are embodied in the Civil Contract and People's Referendum initiatives. 

According to Dzmitrieu, the candidate from the National Referendum offers a change in the upcoming elections, because he knows what people expect. 

Dzmitrieu said  Tell the Truth campaign is ready for the presidential elections, including via the project People's Referendum. To conduct it  50,000 signatures were collected. Now campaigners are trying to ensure that the House of Representatives decides to hold a Popular Referendum".