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Sparysh jailed for 15 days following arrest during Paliyenka’s trial

Затрыманне Сяргея Спарыша /

Activist of the organizing committee of Narodnaya Hramada Syarhei Sparysh has been jailed for 15 days, leader of Narodnaya Hramada Mikalai Statkevich wrote on Facebook. 

The activist was detained during anarchist Zmiter Paliyenka’s trial. He has been jailed for resistance during the detention. According to the court’s decision, he was waving his arms.  

Sparysh stood trial on the day of his arrest - Friday, October 18. 

His relatives and companions were trying to find out where he was at the District Department of the Interior, Office of the Public Prosecutor and Isolation Centre. However, they got to know about the arrest only on October 21.


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