Slim chance for Belarusian woman in space this year

Belarusian girls ready for space flight / BELTA
Belarusian girls ready for space flight / BELTA

A Belarusian woman may not fly into space this year, as the flight planned for autumn may be postponed due to the situation with the Soyuz MS-22, Roscosmos informed TASS. However, Roscosmos claims that "the flight of the first cosmonaut of the Republic of Belarus on the Russian manned vehicle "Soyuz MS" will take place as planned." It will, however, be held later (Roscosmos can't yet say when exactly, it will be announced later).

At the end of 2022, there was an issue with the Soyuz MS-22 spacecraft, which was docked at the International Space Station. There was a failure in the thermoregulation system. As a result, Roscosmos decided to bring the ship to earth without the crew. The cosmonauts will return on the ship "Soyuz MS-23", which will fly to the ISS on February 20, 2023, instead of March.

Last year, six Belarusians were chosen to fly into space. They passed a medical examination in Russia. The main candidate and her double is to be chosen by the Belarusian side. In the future, they will be trained in Russia.

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