Scandal: Belarusian Paralympians carry Russian flag

The Belarusian sports official dodges journalists while the Ministry of Sport knows nothing about his new flat near Moscow.

The Belarusian official who hoisted the Russian flag at the Paralympic Games has become an honorary citizen of Zelenogradsk.

Official spokesperson of the Russian MFA Maria Zakharova has mentioned the news on Facebook.

The photo has appeared in social networks.

The Ministry of Sport and Tourism has officially commented on the Russian flag carried by the Belarusian Paralympic delegation.

The International Paralympic Committee will also talk to the Belarus delegation about the ban on political actions at the Games.

Eight-time cycling World Champion Natallia Tsylinskaya comments to Euroradio on Fomachkin's scandal with the Russian flag.

The Belarus president's press office reacts to the scandal with the Russian flag at the Paralympic Games opening ceremony in Rio.

A Belarus representative carried a Russian flag into the Paralympics opening ceremony before it was confiscated by officials.