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PropagandaDAILY: Latest hits from pro-Kremlin websites in Belarus

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Using the COVID19-related messaging, the pro-Russian propaganda network in Belarus continues to launch metastases in the country's information field. When the State Department and Western grants are no longer enough, when mentioning the "young scum from the opposition" no longer works, a heavy drug like NATO paying for each person infected with the novel coronavirus comes to the aid.

Euroradio has collected all the latest hits for you.

The 'coronacide' of the Belarusian people for NATO's money

The website GrodnoDaily is basing another conspiracy theory on the assumption that the "opposition" is on a "military mission" to spread coronavirus in Belarus. Their permanent author writing under the pseudonym Valer Kantsavoy presents a myriad of brilliant guesses about the Belarusian "regime fighters" "sucking" grants not only from the State Department or European human rights bodies but also from NATO: 

"However, their tasks differ from the usual programs to promote gender equality or protect the rights of minorities with gay pride parades. Belarusian opposition activists are very well aware of what they are paid for by the NATO commanders. We are talking here about "military tasks" associated both with intelligence gathering and penetration. This time, the opposition was ordered to make sure that the coronavirus "penetrates" the country.

A "Valery Kontsevoy" has also surfaced on another platform in the pro-Kremlin propaganda network titled Podneprovie Info, which pleases us with the latest analysis. It just seems that the person who published the text on the website was confused by his nicknames. In two texts, where the author's title states "Victor Sumovich", the end of the text has it signed by "Valery Kontsevoy". There is no such error in the other texts signed by "Victor."

Having analyzed posts in popular TV channels, Valery-Victor proceeds to conclude that for each person infected with coronavirus "opposition" is paid... one US dollar.

"I wonder how much they pay for each private, officer, general? How much are they willing to pay for a government official, a politician, or the president? All these budget lines probably also exist in the opposition "business plan." How much, I wonder, will they be paid for infecting their close relatives - father, mother, grandparents, sisters, children?" asks "Valery Kontsevoy".

And the media and bloggers help the "oppositionists" to report on the performance of NATO's "combat mission." He gives an example of a post from the telegram channel, which tells about 50 cases of coronavirus infection in the Military Academy. "This is clearly a report on the work done," guesses the courageous author of GrodnoDaily.

"Fifty infected people, especially soldiers, are multiplied by the dollar rate to get a tidy sum in the pocket of a "regime fighter and "white-red-white patriot." Isn't it genocide of the Belarusian people?"