Reward for helping investigate blast on July 4


Minsk police are asking for help in investigating the explosion that took place on the night of July 4 and to find the people responsible for this villainy. "If you happen to be a witness of the explosion or were present at the concert before or after the accident and if you happen to know some details or have a grounded supposition about it, or if you have some pictures or videos taken on the spot of the accident, please contact Minsk city Department of the Interior”, - is said in the appeal to citizens published on the website of Minsk police.

Everyone who can provide information can phone: 227-21-24, 227-44-19, 227-27-12, 200-60-36, 229-40-92, or 102.

Information can also be sent to the e-mail: [email protected]

Privacy and rewards are guaranteed.